Commitment to Commerce for the Common Good

In the current academic year, the Commerce School is taking a deep dive into the undergraduate curriculum. Year in and year out, schools of business make increm...

The Rewards of Daring Greatly

Many think of teaching as an undertaking that only goes in a single direction, but if you are invested and doing it right, it is a collaborative process that results in mutual growth and enjoyment. 

Lessons from the Pandemic

As we begin to reimagine what "normal" looks like and the fast pace of fall starts to loom on the horizon, I plan to remember these new truths I discovered from being a virtual dean for my entire first year in the seat.

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What If Failing Is Prevailing?

My advice to the graduates of the Class of 2021 is to embrace the enduring truth that failure awaits you. It is inevitable. Those who prepare themselves well and are willing to walk the gauntlet of uncertainty are sure to look back on a career filled with in-the-moment missteps, recognizing them as the foundation for the professional success that lies ahead of them.

Relax to Recharge

A moment of respite, discovery, or activity can be good for what ails you.

Building Community through Philanthropic Support

Today kicks off a weeklong Class Giving campaign for all University of Virginia Fourth-Year students. This is one of UVA’s many longstanding traditions, providing students with a valuable opportunity to give back to the University with a philanthropic gift as a way to express gratitude for the people and programs that have enriched their time here on Grounds.

There's Nothing in the World Like a Really Good Book

Reading, in many ways, felt like the beginning of everything. It sparked my love of learning and made so many things possible.

Celebrating Black History Month with GlobalMindED

Recently I was asked to participate in an interview with GlobalMindED in celebration of Black History Month. GlobalMindED is an innovative network of inclusive leaders who are committed to creating a capable, diverse talent pipeline across industries and sectors nationally and globally. I am pleased to share with you this recent interview in its entirety.

Recognizing Reality While Choosing Enduring Optimism

As we transition back to the academic calendar in February, we will do so with a faith that the next academic year will be better. This faith exists alongside our reality of the challenges both known and unknown that are on the horizon.

December Note to Alumni and Friends

In many ways, I can hardly believe that I only joined the Commerce community this past July. While time has manifested in unusual ways for us all this year, the highlight of these past six months at McIntire has been marked by the relationships I have developed with many of you and our faculty, staff, and students.

What if Commerce Is the Path Through? Comments to Students on Election Night

Commerce has always been about the exchange of goods, services, and ideas to strengthen and advance societies. When everything we know is upended, commerce continues, and it has the potential to be a very stabilizing force that can move a society forward. So often we talk about a business degree as a pathway TO something or somewhere…but stop for a minute and consider, what if commerce is the path through?

One Step At A Time

On October 10, the UVA Alumni Association hosted Retold, a virtual conference acknowledging the 50th anniversary of full coeducation (1970) and to celebrate the transformational impact of UVA women across the generations. As a proud member of Gen-X, I am amazed that this step toward full inclusion for women happened during my lifetime.

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